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A proven strategy for educational authors to

Sell more books & attract better clients

Never have your books collect dust in a warehouse again. With Smart Book Marketing, an automated machine.

"For years, I wasted money and time. Then I connected with Kars and Parsifal and learned that, through their simple but necessary system, I could serve and sell to exactly the clients I’d hoped to reach."

Anna David 📍USA, Hollywood | 🇺🇸
New York Times bestselling author of 8 books & CEO of Launch Pad Publishing
publishing a book without marketing is like writing without ink - no one will read it

Our proven strategy will help you to get...

More readers

Because you reach more people with the right message. Your book will be a must-buy for your ideal client.

A better reputation

Because your book is your magic business card. We help you to get them in the hands of the right people.

More revenue

Because ... what if your readers want more? We help you to explore other ways to increase your impact.

for who?

If you are the educational author we’re looking for, this is how you feel...

You are NOT here because your ultimate goal is to sell more books.

You think differently. You’re one in a million.

Average people often don’t understand your view. And that’s GREAT!

You see the world from a different perspective.

Your time is valuable and you want to invest your time in the things that matter most.

You are smart and need a smart team you don’t have to manage.

You want to grow your audience and share your message.

But you don’t want headaches from all the tech concerns that come with digital marketing. 

You have more important things to do. You have a business to build.  You have a vision.

And you are that one person - one in a million - who can and will turn that vision into reality.

You want to make an impact. And we’re here to help you…

Let’s spread knowledge. Together. Today.

When you have Smart Book Marketing,
this is what happens when you get googled.


Scott searches your name on Google.

Your book-authority page shows up, on top of the first page of Google. This is exactly the page you wanted Scott to click on when he plays detective on you 😉.


Scott lands on your book authority page

He sees a page that is highly optimized with the 7 most effective laws of influence - to instantly boost trust, likeability and increase the likelihood to buy from you.


Scott watches your ‘why story’ video.

Here Scott can relate to your personal story and now better understands how you can help him and why it’s important for you to share your knowledge with others.


Now Scott wants to know what others are saying.

You show Scott 3 types of customer testimonials to take away common skepticism and uncertainties - obviously with 100% integrity.


Scott starts reading (or listening) to your book preview.

Scott gets excited about your book. You just gave him value, without asking anything in return. This increases his desire to work with you.


Scott signs up for your free lead-magnet with his email address.

While reading, you show Scott a valuable, easy to use, downloadable cheat sheet. This small action increases Scott’s desire to own your book + he’s now on your email list.


Scott (pre)orders your book + bonus.

After signing-up, you give Scott the opportunity to (pre-)order your book. But it’s not just your book - Scott is confronted with an irresistible offer he can’t refuse.


Help Scott sell more of your books.

Most books are sold because of recommendations or bought as a gift. You send out an email series that motivates Scott to recommend your book to friends and family and colleagues.


Scott now wants to work with you.

Scott now wants to work with you on a more personal level and interview you for his podcast. You have a meeting and share the different possibilities of working together.

Smart book

€ 2,099

For those who want to give their book a proper landing page it deserves. Nothing more, nothing less.

Landing page

Free chapters page

Lead magnet + delivery email

Book checkout page

Increased order value (order bumps & one click upsell)

In a hurry?

Empty shelves

€ 3,999

For those who want their book sold so quickly they will skip the shelves altogether. Straight to the reader.

Landing page

Free chapters page

Lead magnet + delivery email

Book checkout page

Increased order value (order bumps & one click upsell)

In a hurry?
3 Reasons why

We love what we do

Reason 1

Learning starts afters school

Our school didn't bring us to where we are today. The internet helped us to find the right (online)mentors - now we want to help you to become the mentor for those who need you.

Reason 2

We love to learn new things

There is nothing more fulfilling than working with inspiring people and to grow while we help you to increase your impact.

Reason 3

People first, 💰 Second

We only work with authors who share knowledge that makes people grow in life. We are against sharing information that makes people unhappy and look for problems. By helping you, we are ably to keep readers from consuming BS.

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